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Social Responsibility

Pilkington Jewellers are committed to promoting the responsible, ethical and environmental processes within the diamond industry. Our diamonds are all conflict-free and purchased from a legitimate source adhering to the UN agreement, the Kimberley Process Accord.

Conflict Diamonds
Conflict diamonds are rough uncut diamonds that are used by rebels to finance war against a legitimate government. The UN first used the term conflict diamond in 1998 after it was discovered diamonds were being used to fund rebel causes against legitimate governments. In order to ensure the legitimacy of any diamond that was exported from these war zones, the diamond industry made steps towards filtering and monitoring all diamonds that were both imported and exported.

The Kimberley Process Accord
The Kimberley Process Accord was established in order to eradicate the production of diamonds within a conflict. It is an agreement between governments, NGOs and the diamond industry, and aims to establish minimum national standards in which diamonds can be exported. In 2002 the treaty was ratified and adopted by governments all over the world, and today, more than 99% of the world's diamonds are now from conflict-free sources, officially being traded under the UN mandated Kimberley Process.